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A proven leader with a long history in the housing market, Dick Salem and the staff at Salem Real Estate & Property Management provide a full range of real estate and property management services in the Siouxland. You’ll benefit from our team’s solid understanding and broad experience in managing the day-to-day operations of your facility. Our expertise includes single and multi-family properties, as well as commercial property. Call now to learn more.



You will have 24/7 access to detailed reports containing complete and transparent information about income and expenses generated by your rental property. You can also expect to receive swift payments, which will be deposited into your bank account.


Marketing and Screening

Salem Real Estate & Property Management will instantly upload residential and commercial property vacancies to multiple websites to attract would-be renters. To ensure that you deal with only qualified tenants, we will personally receive and screen all applications.


Tenant Relations

Renters expect and deserve open communication with management and a peaceful atmosphere in which to live or conduct business. Our wide-ranging experience in property management results in a high tenant retention rate. In addition to being responsive to renter needs, we conduct regular inspections of units to confirm lease requirements are being met. We also employ software which enables tenants to make convenient online payments and report any issues or concerns.


Facility Operation and Maintenance

Our ongoing preventative maintenance program helps avoid major breakdowns and costly repairs to buildings and infrastructure. Handpicked property managers will work closely with local contractors to keep your investment looking and operating as efficiently as possible, while improving long-range planning for upgrades and/or replacements. This includes regular inspections, complete with property condition reports identifying maintenance needs and the costs associated with them.


Local Networking

Turning a profit on your investment requires controlling operating costs. We have developed an extensive network of trusted local vendors, suppliers, developers and brokers, plus we have volume-influenced purchasing power, which help us secure the best pricing on key products and services.


Facilities Management

As an experienced property management company, we are able to plan well and perform our duties nimbly. This includes securing tenants, negotiating lease contracts and handling rent collection. Additionally, we contract with proven janitorial companies to keep facilities tidy.

Property Owners Can

Expert financial management and 24/7 online access to itemized reports

All-inclusive lease management, plus rent collection

Professional marketing services to minimize vacancy times

Exceptional interaction with renters and above-average tenant retention

Assurance that your property is safe and secure

Regular inspections with assessment and evaluation of property’s condition

At Salem Real Estate & Property Management, we understand that every property is as unique as its owner. As such, we’ll work closely with you to develop a property management solution that meets the needs of your company, your budget and your tenants. From finding renters to addressing urgent maintenance issues, and from collecting rent to keeping operational costs down, Salem Real Estate & Property Management is here to see that your investment increases in value and remains profitable. Contact us today for more information!

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